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Australian Author, Jan Hawkins, was raised in the Australian bush on the outskirts of Sydney on the Georges River. Now residing in Queensland, she spent 20 years in education at secondary level in the IT field. Her love of computers pales in comparison to her love of the Australian bush.

Jan is passionate about the history of her country and a strong desire to discover and experience new places fuels her travels throughout Australia

I came to Authoring later in life although I have written for family and friends for most of my time. Publishing my novels and tales has been a difficult exercise though one I have thoroughly enjoyed and the journey has been both interesting and exciting.
Authors need readers and I welcome hearing from readers and fans. You can learn more about my continuing journey on Facebook but there are many other ways where you can participate in my journey and I welcome your participation.
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The Dreaming Series:

    1. Shadow Dreaming - Now available in e-book & Print
    2. Sky Song - Now available in e-book & Print
    3. Spirits of The Rock - Available now in e-book & Print
    4. Caverns of the Dreamtime - Available in e-book & Print

Around the Campfire Series:

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Across the Nullabor

Crossing the Nullabor for the first time. An experience to be savoured in travelling through the Outback of Australia

Deserts of Gold - Coming soon in print

Explore Kalgoorlie and beyond. The rich history of Gold in the Western Australian Deserts.

The Daintree Rainforests

Visit the ancient and beautiful Rainforests of Far North Queensland and learn about living in the wilderness.

Out on the Never Never

A story of two Grannies, two dogs and a Bitch Box. A tale of adventure crossing the Continent of Australia proving that it is never too late!

Nulla Nulla

The true story of growing up in the Outback in an era now passed. A tale told in Prose and Poems by Cecil R Mackaway

Cape York

Discover one of the worlds last great wilderness area's. Camp out with the wildlife and enjoy the tale of traveling in a 4x4 adventure land.


The Around the Campfire Series: E-books


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The Dreaming Series

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