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A note from the Author

Jan Hawkins

The Dreaming Series

After many years experience involved in education I wanted to write a story which spoke of the deep Spirituality of our 'First Australians'. It is such a wonderfully rich telling, with so much more than the simplified stories we hear, so often misunderstood and dismissed as fanciful. Our children need to know and understand what is our heritage, the heritage of all 'Native Australians', a heritage that is gifted to us from our Mother, a heritage of this our Land.

I wanted to give all Australians something for which they could be proud, something with which they could Dream, creating a world that is on the edge of believable with all the elements of an ancient history which can be grasped and held, so much so that you are left wondering what is real, what is fanciful and what is possible.

Everything I have used in the telling of "The Dreaming Series" bar one point only, in this telling and writing of the story has a place in historic account, both oral and written. It is a rich history we have in this country and it belongs to all Australians, as all Australians truly belong to our land. For if you don't belong to the land then you can't truly be Australian!. Some of these historic accounts can be found on my Facebook space, in documentation there, others can be tracked in accounts given by many sources.

I would like to acknowledge the rich and informative writings of Bill Harney, (W.E. Harney) a exceptional man of the Outback and the Bush who loved his people and the people around him who were so much part of his life. I value his stories and writing, his experiences should be taught in our schools as should the experiences of other Australian Storytellers, Songmen, Authors, Writers, Researchers and Historians of the people. Until that happens our children will never be able to value what is theirs.

I would also like to acknowledge the many people, of many beliefs and places which I have met in my travels. I value their stories and their beliefs for it enriches my own and to them I owe them a great debt. They know who they are, they are in part the treasures of this Land.

My forefathers and mothers, my family, have lived in Australia for hundreds of years and we are very proudly Austlralian. I have been fortunate enough throughout my life to travel broadly, to come to understand who and what I am and to appreciate the reality of myself and my country. I don't always like what I see... no one likes all the warts but I enjoy the whistles... the freedom of my Land, a land and my place in it, one which no one can deny me.

We came to Australia in the shadow of its history as did everyone who walks upon this land and we came with no treasures, no helping hands and no willing support and yet the land wrapped its arms around us and took us to her own. We are Australian and it will not be denied. My forefathers have fought and died for our country, stuggled and lived for her freedoms and we feel her inside of us, we breathe her air, hear her songs and she teaches us her Dreaming. You only need to listen to it and it is yours.

Shadow Dreaming is your introduction to this, my world and my Dreaming. A world I hope you will come to enjoy and to share. Like a child the story grows under the influence of many things and much that is unknown, but throughout the telling there are constants. Love is one of them, and stuggle another as the characters try to find their way as do we all.

Sky Song, book 2 - is the continuation, another part of the story which you will perhaps seen only in part. Though the story begins halfway through the 1st book it is to show you that what you think you know, what you think you understand is not always the case. I want you to think, to wonder about the people who live your life with you and around you. So that you may try to understand and empathise. I want you to wonder about life and what you see about you. In following the journey of Sean and Jenna, you will come to understand the influences in their lives. Sean will take you on his journey towards his strengths as a Shaman of his people. A journey that will test his love, and his world.

Spirits of the Rock, book 3 - followes the growth of people you have come to know but perhaps not fully understood. It is about the influences in your life and the lives of the characters. Why do we make the choices we do? What drives us? What is the power of love? The consequences of the past and the drives of the future. How do you find a balance in these things? You will meet the Mimi, the people of the Rocks, share their world and learn what governs them.

Caverns of the Dreamtime, the last book in the series introduces, more than any of the previous books, the clash between different worlds and the consequences of lives which touch ours yet are woven with different threads. Allow Tom to show you that your world can be different, and yet so much the same. It is both an introduction and a conclusion. Perhaps though, not an end but another beginning.

One I hope you will enjoy and return to often. The promise of the Spirit Children awaits you.