• The Dreaming Series
    Shadow Dreaming - Book 1

    Published 22/2/2012

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    What I particularly enjoy about Jan Hawkins work is her assimilation with the spiritual and cultural aspects of the land and her people. It's refreshing to read a novel that encompasses the passions that come with such cultural diversity. The author describes well the personal struggles of the main character and how difficult it can be when someone is torn between the social aspects of life and what they are drawn to be within themselves and their culture. I am finding it a very good and interesting read so far!

    Rosemary's Reading Group : Brisbane, Qld

    I have just finished reading Shadow Dreaming , it was a very easy read and very enjoyable. It was great to learn more about aboriginal customs and their way of living. I look forward to the next chapter. It made me feel like I should go out and explore the outback and all the mysteries to be found out there.

     Gay Troup ( Rosemary's Bookshop Reading Group) Brisbane, Qld

    Commentary: By Maureen from gumtree.com.au - - May 4th, 2012

    As a lover of Australian literature I’m sure I will enjoy this. The Dreaming is a bit of a mystery for those of us brought up far away from the land and the traditions of the Australian Outback, but reading this novel should deliver a lot of fascinating cultural insights into the lives of both aboriginal and  modern Australians


    L P King, Publisher at Mountain Mist Production says,

    “I think that Jan’s books will grow in popularity; and it is encouraging to see so many modern Authors, like Jan, having faith in the technological advances which allow readers instant access to the latest offerings from publishers. We are finally seeing a range of e-book readers which make e-books an attractive option to the traditional print books. To be honest, I don’t think we will ever see print books disappear entirely, but certainly e-books are now viable and people are feeling a lot more comfortable with them.

    In the “a good read” category, Shadow Dreaming stretches for some 450 pages; and engenders in the reader an undeniable empathy with the characters as well as bringing to light some of the beliefs and traditions of aboriginal people that perhaps are not readily known to non-aboriginals. This is a book that does not take a didactic approach though, and the love of the main characters emerges alongside the portrayal of family and community life. L P King says, “As with all good novelists, at the heart of success is simply a good story – nothing more, nothing less.”


    Irene Brial-Roy (NSW Australia)

    Hi Jan,
    Finished your book at 2am this morning, looking forward to the next one. Love it :) X